Ocean of Lotion   is the sound of every colour in the rainbow.

This self-proclaimed «colour rock revolution» band from Bergen in Norway paint their songs with elements of 80s and 90s synth pop/rock band pallets, and a fine mix of other contemporary sounds that can resemble the likes of «of Montreal», «Datarock» and «Sparks».

Musical lotion that quickly absorbs into dance moves!

Their second debut album will explode into the universe so big that you need the James Webb telescope to watch the end of it!
Featuring 10 genre-bending songs that will make your body move in most directions, this album is one of 2023's most anticipated release


Bobby Lotion Vocals,guitars,bass and synthesizers

Himalaya Sabotage Vocals,guitars

Andy Atlantic Guitars,bass and synthesizers

Maffa Synthesizers,samples & modular effects

Lila Lu Vocals

K2 Drums and percussion

Randy Atlantic Drums,guitar and percussion

Crime Cruise

Singles - Released on Apollon Records

Album Art

Back  & Front


Side A

Side B


Bilde med review som forstørres

Bilde med review som forstørres

Bilde med review som forstørres


May 5th 2023 

Augusth 18th

June 9th

September 22nd

July 14th

October 6th

Music videos and Live footage

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